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Ep 51: How Stand-up & Wrestling Aren’t All That Different

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On this episode, Tyler and Don talk with the amazing stand-up comic Adam Burke and wrestling royalty Colt Cabana.

Our hosts get the guys to open up about the similarities and differences between their chosen paths and what it takes to be a performer in careers full of risk and great potential.

This is an episode about intersections, the journey to find where you fit, and the passion for your craft.

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Ep 50: The Moth founder George Dawes Green

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On this episode, Tyler & Don talk to George Dawes Green, the founder of the storytelling organization The Moth.

Years ago, George told stories with his friends on a porch in Georgia where moths would flock in and out of the porch light. That image was the inspiration for a storytelling organization that George started in New York later in life. He’s no longer “in charge” in the traditional sense, but he travels the world as an ambassador for the organization and helps shape new programs like the most recent high school StorySLAM program.

This is an episode about stories, the art of the raconteur, Georgia, Wanda Bullard, entrepreneurship and the best way to sustain something that you start.

Oh, and this is our season finale. Do us a favor…share the show with your friends and get them to subscribe!

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Ep 49: Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk

June 26, 2015 | By | No Comments">No Comments

On this episode, Tyler and Don take a roadtrip to Naperville, Illinois to witness an author reading with FIGHT CLUB master Chuck Palahniuk. But what’s an author reading have to do with art or, especially, performance?!

In Chuck’s world, author readings aren’t your normal “corner of a back room in a bookstore” affair. For him, they’re much more palpable with beach balls, bags of candy and 1st Edition leather-bound versions of his books.

The guys got the chance talk to Chuck in his hotel room before the reading about Fight Club 2, as well as his new collection of short stories and the impending musical version of Fight Club currently being workshopped by David Fincher & Trent Rezor…in consultation with Julie Taymor!

This is an episode about novels, author readings, violent love stories, the Marriot, Dan Brown’s Holy Grail and more!

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