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Ep 49: Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk

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On this episode, Tyler and Don take a roadtrip to Naperville, Illinois to witness an author reading with FIGHT CLUB master Chuck Palahniuk. But what’s an author reading have to do with art or, especially, performance?!

In Chuck’s world, author readings aren’t your normal “corner of a back room in a bookstore” affair. For him, they’re much more palpable with beach balls, bags of candy and 1st Edition leather-bound versions of his books.

The guys got the chance talk to Chuck in his hotel room before the reading about Fight Club 2, as well as his new collection of short stories and the impending musical version of Fight Club currently being workshopped by David Fincher & Trent Rezor…in consultation with Julie Taymor!

This is an episode about novels, author readings, violent love stories, the Marriot, Dan Brown’s Holy Grail and more!

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Seeking Summer/Fall intern!

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General Admission needs a hand and we’re hoping you might be interested! Please review the information below and, if you think this sounds like fun, send Tyler your resume and a short email cover letter at


The Executive Producer of General Admission seeks a PODCAST PRODUCTION AND ADMINISTRATION INTERN to suppor the show’s social media, marketing, season planning and related administrative activities.


We’re looking for a self-starter who can also take direction. You should be someone who isn’t afraid to ask for clarification or guidance should something be unclear. Art, performance and podcasts should excite you. It’s a bonus if you love Chicago!


10 hours / week from July 1st to October 31st.


This is an unpaid internship, however the individual selected will be a crucial member of a small team making a podcast for a major podcasting network (WBEZ). It’s an excellent opportunity to learn the podcasting ropes, gain valuable experience and network with members of the team.

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Ep 48: WrestleMania, Superfans & Mr. T’s Daughter

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This week, Tyler takes a trip down memory lane and introduces the nuances of professional wrestling to Don. He brings along Wrestling Superfan Jeff Trainor to help him along the way. The three watching WrestleMania III (1986), followed by WrestleMania XXXI (2015) and then debrief live at PodSlam 2015, General Admission’s very first live podcast taping. At the end of the taping, Don and Tyler welcome guest Erica Nicole Clark, daughter of actor & legendary WWF superstar Mr. T.

This is an episode about wrestling, childhood, the art of sport, the Hulk Hogan you never knew, ladder matches and so much more.

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