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Don and Tyler are so passionate about the arts, so insightful about interviewing and so much fun to be around, they make General Admission one of the very best podcasts around. Not to mention the amazing roster of guests. If you aren’t listening, you’re missing out on something special.

- Kevin Allison, RISK! & MTV’s The State


It’s like being at a great party with a bunch of creatives, finding a delightful corner where you’re introduced to really smart and interesting people at the top of their game, and get to know and understand what makes them tick.

- Jennifer Brandel, Hearken (formerly Curious City)


It’s nice to have an arts podcast that doesn’t feel stuffy.

- Miles Doornbos, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!


I like the joy that comes through…it’s contagious for the listener. I also appreciate how informed/well-prepared you are about the interviewees/subjects without ever coming off as stiff or overly prepared.

- Sarah Geis, Third Coast International Audio Festival



  • I’ve relied on Sound Opinions to curate my music purchases for ages, and now I have the charming and genuine Don and Tyler to help me decide what art-related adventures I need to try.
  • Love the show - particularly the way you and Don play off each other. There’s mutual respect, but plenty of ball busting on both sides, and it makes for a great pairing.
  • As an arty person who routinely gets bogged down in my own arty world, GA provides a fast and funny way for me to discover different art genres and events around Chicago that I otherwise wouldn’t have found. Tyler and Don are terrific, and balanced, guides to fantastic things that you should and will know.
  • The opera episode was so funny. After the part in the bathtub, I knew it was my kind of podcast.