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Dan Savage

Ep 55: The “Goodbye WBEZ” / “Free Agent” Special!

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As you may have heard, General Admission is parting ways with WBEZ. The guys will continue the show in some form with a different network in March, but before that time, they wanted to celebrate their time with WBEZ: it’s been real, as the kids say.

On this episode, you’ll be treated to clips from Tyler & Don’s favorite interviews, on-locations adventures & a highlight reel of moments where they completely lost their minds.

This is an episode for super-fans & people interested in finding out more about the show (READ: “other network” mentioned above!).

And for those that are curious why the two are parting ways, Ben Calhoun, WBEZ’s Director of Programming, had this to say about the split:

“I really appreciate the passion and energy that’s gone into General Admission, and the affection the show’s earned from its audience. But we’ve had to face the reality that the show isn’t sustainable for us. And so we had to make a difficult decision to bring the partnership to a close. That said, as much as ever, we appreciate Tyler and Don – for their charm, talent, and endless enthusiasm for creative communities. They’re terrific. As I always am – I am excited for where they turn their passions next.”

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Ep 44: Dan Savage

This week, we welcome sex-advice columnist Dan Savage to the show! You might not know it, but Dan’s also a playwright, theatre director and coordinator of an dirty movie festival. We talk to Dan about his column, activism and how it has changed over the years, as well as the art of pornography and his new play Miracle, a musical starring Helen Keller…in drag. We also dig deep into the It Gets Better Project to find out about how a simple web video changed an entire culture.

This is an episode about sex, activist, art, pornography and, of course, Helen Keller.

PHOTO CREDIT: (2012) LaRae Lobdell.

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