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Star Wars

Ep 56: The Star Wars Special

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We’re baaaaaaaaack! New, full episodes are coming in March, but we couldn’t let that time go by without saying SOMETHING about Star Wars.

Don Hall is a self-proclaimed Star Wars geek. Tyler Greene has never seen the films. (Well, he thinks he’s seen Episode 1 but, unsurprisingly, he can’t remember it). In this episode, we get to experience the films for the first time with Tyler and hear the guys’ review of Episode 7: The Force Awakens.


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Ep 45: Summer Blockbusters w/ Filmspotting

Summer blockbusters are upon us!

On this episode, the hosts of WBEZ’s popular film podcast Filmspotting join Don & Tyler to talk about the summer blockbuster genre and then all four share their individual “Top 3 Summer Blockbusters of All Time.” Yes, it is THAT epic.

This is an episode about summer, Tom Cruise, popcorn flicks, sharks, Disney and more!

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